Product View

UWB Antennas

The ultra-wideband square slot antenna SS1 can be used for radar and radio communication systems operating in different frequency bands from 3 to 10 GHz. One of the key areas of antenna application is compact ultra-wideband sensors operating at small distances of 0-20 m: - protection intellectual sensors for people detection and distinguish them from interfering signals (animals, trees, etc.); - sensors for determination of object coordinates and positioning; - sensors for precise measurement of distances, including those in optically opaque media; - sensors for remote determination of person breathing and pulse frequency, etc. The advantage of the PCB SS1 antenna is its low cost for such class of antennas in almost complete absence of similar devices on the market.Price: $ 99.00 or 3.000.000 IRR The delivery S11 antenna is up to 2 weeks. If you need to design the antenna on your technical project, please contact us!